• Functional Conductive Nanocoating
  • Multi-Performance CNT Paste
  • Highly Customizable

MORPHONA™ electrically conductive nanocarbon additive

Morphona has developed a conductive nanocarbon additive with good conductivity for the coating applications and high technology 3D printing industries. End applications are ESD protection, EMI shielding and in other technologies needing well controlled conductivity. We have also experience of nanocarbon additive usage in printed super capacitors current collector where performance, weight and costs are in optimum level.

This conductive coating meets the requirements of conductivity for low voltage applications, EMI shielding and controlled ESD protection

The coating resins which enhanced with our conductive additive is possible to archive a surface resistivity even low as 0.1Ω/□ The conductance functionality is permanent, stable over aging and does not depend on humidity, temperature, UV or other external factors which are often of concern for other conductive coating technologies.

We have now available also epoxies for chemical and corrosion resistance required environment. These epoxies electrical conductivities are high, stable over aging and well controlled. Epoxy based products are available also for adhesive purpose. Epoxy paints can used in many industrial sectors like automotive, heavy industry, defence technology and many more.

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