• Functional Conductive Nanocoating
  • Multi-Performance CNT Paste
  • Highly Customizable

We are specialized in carbon nanotube based electrically conductive additives.

With over 30 years of nanotechnology experience, Morphona Ltd. is ready to fulfill your functional conductive coating needs. Our dedication to superior quality is backed by exemplary customer service. As a private-owned business, we are flexible and responsive to your needs. Our focus on coating allows us to concentrate on every detail necessary to yield a quality product. From initial inquiry to application and on-time delivery, Morphona Ltd. is your one-stop headquarters for functional conductive nano-coatings.
Latest Released Products:
Heat Curable Polymeric Coating, AQAMORPH HQ-series
Water Borne Epoxy for EMC shielding and EM Noise Absorbing usage, MORPHOPOX-245S
Coated Synthetic Textile for High Efficient Heating Elements, MORPHOTEX 75
Carbon Nanotube Riched 3D SLS PA12 Powder, MORPHOSINT 1300 (Under pre-test)